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  • Shoprider Australia You can rely on a Shoprider for comfort, price and reliability. We provide servicing, sales, parts for Shoprider Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs.

You need help, but where do you start?

Buying  any piece of equipment  can be fraught with difficulties, including how does it work, what does this do, or is it appropriate for my loved one, is it value for money, or even will the impairment allow me to use this equipment?


Shoprider Rocky 6

Shoprider Rocky 6 - $5500 - user weight rating 227kg, this is the largest deluxe ... Read More


Shoprider Power Chair Puma 14

Shoprider Power Chair Puma 14 - $4600 - User weight rating 205kg, a mid wheel ... Read More


Handbrake Walkers

Handbrake Walkers from $180 for basic walker - user weight rating from 110kg, features small, ... Read More


Shoprider GK9

Shoprider GK9 - $2250 - user weight rating 136kg, flagship scooter in the Shoprider range,if ... Read More


Shoprider Powerchair Cougar 10

$4000 - User weight rating 136kg, a mid wheel base which allows for 360 degree ... Read More


Shoprider 888SE

$3200 User weight rating 136k Medium size scooter, which features rock solid reliability from the Shoprider Brand  Read More


Tzora Elite

$2395 - User weight rating 115kg, Top of the range Tzora, which features Lithium Battery Technology, is ... Read More


Tzora Classic

This is a little beauty...$2295  User weight rating 115kg, Basic incredibly portable scooter from Israel, ... Read More


Electric Scooters

This is the standard for all users in electric scooters, with a weight capacity of ... Read More


Princeton Lift Chair

Lift chairs assist you when you are suffering from chronic pain in your back or ... Read More


Cougar 14

The Cougar 10 and 14 Centre Drive Electric Chair is an electric wheelchair suitable for ... Read More


Rocky 4

A scooter for the larger person who loves the outdoors Rocky 4 or Rocky 6 Scooters ... Read More

We also carry Quad Bikes (Auto & Manual) Tradesman Trailers (Cages or Covered).  Call us now to meet your needs.



At Sensible Health & Mobility Initiatives we are proud to be a Brisbane based service which stocks the well known range of Shoprider Electric Scooters.

We believe this scope of equipment provides quality value for money to meet the needs of yourself or your loved one

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Our staff at Sensible Health & Mobility Initiatives (SHMI) will ask you specific questions as to your needs and applications, and we will customize your equipment to optimize your independence and quality of life.

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Our staff will be able to “travel the journey” with you in answering your questions. Please feel free to call us now for an obligation free consultation on 07 3800-1853 or 0412.591.377